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Evolve carefully identifies partners that will be part of the future of retail. Together, we bring solutions that contribute to your transformation strategy.

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Evolve is proud to partner with Cart.com, the first end-to-end e-commerce software, and service provider built to help Brands find more customers, sell in more places, and deliver their products more efficiently. Cart.com provides tools that allow for a modular, data-rich, fully integrated approach to scaling up.

Evolve uses its retail expertise to guide retailers through legacy systems and processes to bring Cart.com solutions to life.

Evolve provides expert guidance to clients implementing or modifying their Kibo solutions into their core retail tech operational infrastructure.

Evolve gives clients the support they need to achieve their goals with Kibo solutions and the platforms that support Kibo technology to deliver the seamless, personalized experiences consumers expect. Learn more about the Kibo platform by clicking here.

RELEX Solutions is a leading provider of retail optimization software built to help retailers adapt to every future faster. The RELEX cloud-native platform delivers pragmatic AI across all retail functions and at retail scale that builds from a foundation of radically improved demand forecasting and supply chain optimization. Evolve works with RELEX and retailers to enhance supply chain visibility resulting in exponential benefits — optimizing their space, allocation, forecasting, category management, workforce, pricing, and promotion strategies, all within a unified platform.

Grow revenue and relationships with a completely connected digital customer journey with Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud.

Evolve helps retailers bring their Salesforce solution to life. Consumers expect the best experiences, and if the path to purchase isn’t seamless, they notice. Evolve’s Salesforce specialty emphasizes custom software development to ensure your customers receive that journey. Learn more about the latest in Salesforce Commerce cloud here.

Sezzle allows retailers the flexibility of an additional payment option which will offer consumers a more considerable spend, splitting payments into four installments encouraging larger orders at zero risk. This means increased sales and increased conversion rates on every commerce order. Evolve is one of the select few agencies that integrates directly with the Kibo platform.

See why Sezzle is one of the fastest-growing eComm payment platforms.

Workato is a single platform for integration and workflow automation across your retail organization, and it is the fabric with which you can weave a brilliant nervous system for your modern enterprise. The Workato platform has a robust feature set to handle real-world problems, including integrating applications, data, and people. Retailers can simplify and accelerate integration and automation across their infrastructure, leveraging Evolve’s vast retail and integration experience.