How can Evolve help you?

Our Expertise is your Competitive Edge

When you work with Evolve, you get a partner with a focus on finding value in your previous technology investments. We measure success through enthusiastic user adoption. Evolve is your trusted partner providing guidance and expertise on every step of the journey.


What’s keeping you from creating deeper customer connections? It all starts with a strategy to solve a business problem. Evolve brings in experienced retail thinking to understand all aspects of the situation. From that work, we identify the strategies that will lead your retail business into a bright future. We leverage our experience to focus on quick, cost-effective, next-generation software enablement.

Design & Development

We start with the end in mind, what do the end users want and need? How can we make technology at work more intuitive and efficient, like what they are used to at home and on their personal mobile devices? We start here and go wherever your business takes us.

Organizational Change Management

New technology brings big changes. It’s essential to get the end users and their leaders ready to work in a new way. Evolve brings experience in managing the people side of change in addition to developing technology solutions. We create and deliver engaging training, communications, and roll out support. Our goal is to ensure the end users have a great experience with the new solutions and processes.

Speed and Agility Focused

With our knowledge of retail systems of yesterday and today, our forward-thinking, next-generation cloud delivery and solution design is nimble and responsive. Delivery and deployment happen sooner so you see benefits earlier than ever before.